Beauty Tips from Hollywood

We all know that stars go to up to any limit to achieve the great lengths of their beauty. In order to look flawless under the spotlight, they need everything perfect. Their hair is so perfectly dressed that they do not move an inch from their place. Their skin, their lip shades everything looks almost perfect. Though it is impossible for us to follow their beauty trends; yet these few tips can help us to reach somewhere around them.

  1. Never forget using mascara, even with a nude make up look: This is a one piece that can make a huge difference to your looks. Hollywood celebrities never exclude mascara from their look even if they are going for a complete nude makeup. You can go for clear varieties for your routine look but if it is about taking pictures, bet on black. One can never go wrong with black mascara.
  2. Perfect eyes: In Hollywood, there is no space for puffy eyes. It is an old trick to use aloe vera gel and raw potatoes to deal with puffiness. Aloe vera gel is applied underneath the eyes can do miracles. Chilled potatoes deal with the puffiness and add smoothness to your eyes. Also, synthetic snake venom is a Hollywood thing that works more efficiently than botox.
  3. Lips: It is a common practice in Hollywood to highlight one part of your face. Lips are the most popular ones. offers these two tips will help you with ways to highlight your lips. Use a neutral liner if you are using a nude shade and want a fuller look for your lips. If you are using a dark or bright shade, apply some of it, sprinkle powder and then apply the second layer. Press a tissue in between your lips to remove the extra lipstick.