6 Music Genres and What They Reveal About You

The way we listen to music has changed. If you love music and if you love to carry your music or your playlist with you wherever you go, then this is a golden age because of the many portable audio devices. If you would like to store some offline copies of all your favorite songs, capture music from the websites, then visit https://itubeapkdownload.com

Talking about music in general, there are 6 popular genres. So if your favorite music genre could tell something about you, here is what it might probably tell –

  1. Rock

There is a common conception that Rock fans are rebels. You might also perhaps be the kind of person who can strongly trust your guts. Another possibility is that you are a social butterfly.

  1. Pop

Extroverts might mostly be fans of Pop music. And this is also a genre that is believed to be loved by those who are oozing self-esteem and high energy levels.

  1. Classical

This is another genre associated with high self-esteem. The common notion is that smarter folks listen to classical music and these might also be the people who can understand the situation better and have a strong intuition while coming to a conclusion.

  1. Hip Hop

Rap and hip-hop are considered to be the funkiest notes. A true-party goer, one that can strike up a conversation even with a stranger and instantly become popular thanks to his or her extrovert nature might probably be a fan of hip-hop music.

  1. R&B

If you love R&B perhaps you belong to the crowd that decides based on what their heart tells them. This is a genre that is believed to be loved by those who are empathetic and emotional.

  1. Metal

The introverts who love to get lost in introspect might be fans of Metal.

So how true was the prediction of you inner streak based on your favorite music genre?