5 Fun Things to Do Over the Weekend

Being alone at home and bored on any Saturday and Sunday could be quite frustrating and also leading to troubles. Being bored on weekends could lead to one spending unnecessarily on items they do not need or for getting some distractions. However, for someone on a tight budget, being bored on a weekend could lead to you wanting to hit the mall which isn’t part of the initial plan. You could also decide to go spend more money by seeing a movie which could also do some damages to your pocket.

Regarding this issue, there are a million things to do rather than stay at home and get bored. The good part of all these is you wouldn’t have to spend a dime or even think of leaving the city or country where you are presently. You can trust our 5 fun things to do over the weekend as it will offer you five of the best ideas that would also be fun and entertaining for you.

Get Moving

  • go swimming
  • engage in community sports
  • dance
  • drum
  • go for a run
  • go for a walk

Visit the Local Community

  • engage in gardening
  • visit friends
  • sign up for volunteer work
  • volunteer at a race track
  • sign up as a dog walker
  • visit a local wildlife or zoo

Stay Indoors

  • watch Netflix
  • make some bread
  • watch free movies on YouTube
  • play free online games

Get Creative

  • play sentence game
  • learn to make a kite
  • draw
  • engage in origami
  • play pencil and pen games

Have Fun with Kids

  • hopscotch
  • play hide and seek
  • build a fort
  • make bubbles
  • get enough sleep and rest


It is quite easy to fall prey to a predictable routine over the weekend especially if do not intend to spend much, even though I found this RFID wallet for free. The five main categories which we have listed above contain useful tips that would help to make weekends lively for you if you do not intend to spend unnecessarily. Have fun!