How Children Learn Through Play – a Complete Guide

It is fun to watch babies as they grow. Right from rolling over, walking on all fours, then walking on twos, running, jumping, and creating a mess of the place, we do enjoy most of these activities.

However, what is more, important is that the child itself is learning something new at every stage of his/her development even while playing. Hence, you must encourage children to play more often rather than restricting them or allowing them to do non-stimulating things such as long hours of TV or phone usage. Instead, allow them to play, read, or pursue a hobby. In case they do not like to read, you could read to them initially or just have a book being read to them through

Here is a list of things that children learn while playing, some may even surprise.

  1. Playing provides the children with options of what they want to do without any restrictions.
  2. Children grow physically and mentally while playing and have a sense of direction & learn how to coordinate between different actions.
  3. Playing also improves their speech and helps them to pick up new words and languages.
  4. It allows them to have fun and enjoy themselves.
  5. Playing also stimulates them to think and sometimes to even think differently from the usual manner.
  6. It also encourages them to ask questions through which they find answers to how the real world actually behaves.
  7. Playing also allows children to be spontaneous rather than leading a life that is set by timetables and instruction manuals.
  8. It also motivates kids to do what they prefer doing in the way they feel right. There is no harm allowing them to try things.
  9. Playing in a group instills some good traits like mutual understanding, working together as a team, and many other adult-like qualities.
  10. It also provides a very safe environment for children to try out new ideas or new ways to do things and new solutions to break free from situations.

Here’s What Rich People Do For Fun in 2018

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